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Stories from the high-incarceration states of the South.
Justice Lab November 11
Victim’s family pushes for a high-tech crackdown—but it may not work.
News November 4
The state slashed sentences for more than 500 people convicted in low-level drug and theft cases.
Feature October 31
Cities say the feds won’t follow their rules about using force, body cams.
News October 21
A new documentary from The Marshall Project and Frontline (PBS) offers a rare look at the lives of expectant mothers inside a notorious women’s prison.
Analysis September 23
A new study casts doubt on the effectiveness of a program that encourges local police cooperation with federal immigration enforcement.
News September 19
The state’s byzantine felony disenfranchisement laws keep hundreds of thousands of formerly incarcerated residents from registering to vote.
News September 10
Most states give money to people leaving prison. But some formerly incarcerated people say it's often not enough to meet their basic needs.
News August 13
Thousands of Louisianians on probation and parole face numerous obstacles to casting a ballot, including the idea that their votes don't matter.
Analysis August 9
If it sounds too good to be true, legal experts say, it probably is.
News August 7
North Carolina Supreme Court hearings raise broad questions of systemic bias in the state judicial system.