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Stories from the high-incarceration states of the South.
Death Sentences July 16
The case of Rodney Reed — whose innocence claims were championed by the reality TV star — raises questions about celebrities’ role in the criminal justice system.
Feature June 29
During the pandemic, prison officials could have prevented sickness and death by releasing those who were most vulnerable to coronavirus and least likely to reoffend — older incarcerated people.
Coronavirus June 24
The Marshall Project and The Associated Press collected data on COVID-19 infections in state and federal prisons every week. See how the virus affected correctional facilities near you.
Feature June 23
A new film highlights historical use of canines against Black people
News and Awards June 11
“Mauled” is honored in the National Reporting category.
News June 11
As the pandemic worsened inside federal prisons, officials granted fewer releases.
News May 26
In fiscal year 2020, border encounters dropped by half while rescue rates doubled. Experts and humanitarian groups point to a Trump-era policy that continues today.
Feature May 24
The U.S. Department of Justice in 1995 warned that people may die when police tie handcuffed wrists to bound ankles.
Feature May 22
Just ask a Dallas woman who spent a year in jail without talking to a lawyer.
Inside Out May 20
“It’s using the justice system as a barometer of someone’s worth.”