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Eisha Love is a plaintiff in a federal suit challenging an Illinois law that restricts those with felony convictions from changing their name.
News January 27, 2020
New lawsuits by transgender people challenge bans on name changes for those convicted of crimes.
Carol Nesteikis says she has paid over $150,000 to live in the condominium that she purchased to keep her son with intellectual disabilities in compliance with the rules of the sex offender registry.
News September 13, 2019
A sex offense conviction can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars.
Feature October 3, 2018
After passing a series of restrictive housing laws, Miami-Dade County faces an odd predicament: bands of nomadic sex offenders and a cat-and-mouse game to move them.
Life Inside May 3, 2018
After I left prison, nobody would hire me. So I threw a dart at a map.
News March 8, 2018
In Kansas, even many minor drug offenders must appear on the state’s public registry. A new bill would change that.
ViewFinder September 17, 2017
A young mother struggles with life on the sex offender registry.
Chris Hansen, the host of "Crime Watch Daily."
Q&A January 22, 2017
Talking to Chris Hansen as he revives his trademark stings.
A group of registered sex offenders gather at Carson City Hall in Carson, Calif., demanding an end to restrictions on visiting fast-food restaurants, parks, libraries and other public areas. The city eventually rescinded some of its restrictions under pressure of a lawsuit.
News October 5, 2016
Legislators won’t touch the subject, but courts are proving more sympathetic.
Yantz taking a smoke break in December, not far from the three-quarter house where he's lived since his release.
News May 24, 2016
The special problem of being a sex offender.
Life Inside February 18, 2016
Life, restricted.