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Commentary October 8, 2018
Supreme Court lets stand lower court ruling extending pretextual stops to parking infractions.
News June 18, 2018
Charles Rhines argued jurors sent him to death row in part because they knew he was gay.
News February 23, 2018
Cops v. Trump on union clout.
Case in Point September 25, 2017
The Supreme Court and non-unanimous juries.
News September 24, 2017
The Supreme Court considers whether “civil commitment” is just prison by another name.
Commentary June 15, 2017
A recent Supreme Court decision left open that possibility. That’s bad for the public, and for police.
Commentary May 15, 2017
Fifty years after a landmark Supreme Court case, juvenile courts still lack due process.
Analysis February 22, 2017
Was he sentenced to death “because he is black”?
Analysis January 31, 2017
Trump’s nominee has the ideology without the temper.
News November 29, 2016
With Trump’s pledge to deport millions, bail hearings become an even bigger issue.