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Spurred by a 2011 Supreme Court mandate, California has led the nation in reducing its prison population. The Marshall Project, working with media partners, is exploring the consequences for Californians and the lessons for other states struggling with the burden of incarceration. The California Experiment is supported by a grant from The California Endowment.
The California Experiment April 23, 2019
Effort to cut prison overcrowding puts some jails in crisis.
The California Experiment December 21, 2018
San Joaquin went all in. Now it’s a model.
The California Experiment December 20, 2018
Crime is up. The mystery is why.
A distinctly American legal doctrine holds getaway drivers and lookouts as responsible for a death as the actual killer. California is having second thoughts.
Candidates backed by Soros, others are still pressing ahead in other parts of the country.
A cop killing in California fuels a reform backlash.
The California Experiment April 23, 2018
Thelton Henderson transformed California’s criminal justice system. Now comes the backlash.