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February, 2016

Black and Unarmed: Behind the Numbers
Carroll Bogert Named President of the Marshall Project
Congress Acts to Mark Passports of Sex Offenders
Does Predictive Policing Lead to More Police in Black Communities? Readers React
Highlights From Our Justice Talk On Predictive Policing
How I Reconnected with My Estranged Daughter from Prison
‘I’ll Believe It When I See It.’
I Married a Sex Offender
Is it O.K. to Quote Scripture When the Death Penalty Is at Stake?
Join Us For Justice Talk: A New Conversation Series With The Marshall Project and Digg
Justice Reform, RIP?
Kendrick Lamar, the Grammys and the Year in Socially Conscious Music
Listen to Our First Collaboration with “This American Life”
“Look at O.J. ... If He Had a Public Defender, He’d be in Jail.”
One Man’s Haunting Look at PTSD and His Brother’s Execution
Policing After Scalia
Policing the Future
Rarely Seen Images of the Real San Quentin
Scalia and the Right to Counsel
Six States Where Felons Can’t Get Food Stamps
The Marshall Project Wins Polk Award for “An Unbelievable Story of Rape”
Trayvon Martin Was Killed Four Years Ago Today
Watch a Video From “Mariposa and the Saint,” a New Play About Solitary Confinement
What It’s Like to Be a Hacker in Prison
What It’s Like to Be Gay in Prison
What Kalief Browder’s Mother Thinks Should Happen to Rikers
What Prison Guards Really Think About Their Jobs
What You Need To Know About Predictive Policing
Why Some Prisons are Spending Millions on a Pricey New Drug