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November, 2020

After Years Behind Bars, These Folks Are #FreeToVote
A Pacifist's Plan to Survive the Violent World of Prison
Biden Will Try to Unmake Trump’s Immigration Agenda. It Won’t Be Easy.
How Do Your Political Views Compare To Those Of People Behind Bars?
I Wasn’t a Superpredator. I Was a Kid Who Made a Terrible Decision.
“Law and Order” Still Reigns in State Supreme Court Elections
Life Behind the Wall
Prison Is Even Worse When You Have a Disability Like Autism
Should Prisoners Have to Pay For Medical Care During a Pandemic?
Subjects To Debate
Superpredator: The Media Myth That Demonized a Generation of Black Youth
These Federal Prison Guards Are Desperate for Trump to Lose
The Truth About Trials
The United States of Incarceration
Think Private Prison Companies Are Going Away Under Biden? They Have Other Plans
We’re Tracking Police Dog Bites Across the Country
What Biden’s Win Means for the Future of Criminal Justice
When Going to the Hospital Is Just as Bad as Jail
Where Coronavirus Is Surging—And Electronic Surveillance, Too
Why My First Thanksgiving in Prison Was The Best One I’d Had In Forever
Will Drug Legalization Leave Black People Behind?