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April, 2022

Crime Stoppers of Houston Has a Tip: Vote Out These Judges
How to Write for The Marshall Project’s Life Inside
I Grew Up Believing I Was Dumb. A College Education Behind Bars Healed That Wound
I Had a High-Risk Pregnancy in Jail — Then I Gave Birth in Chains
Jim Crutchfield Named Editor-in-Chief of The Marshall Project’s First Local News Team in Cleveland
My Son Alex Was Murdered at 21. Grief for Me Has Been Hurt, Anger and Bitterness
My Son Khaaliq Was Killed Over a Parking Space. Now I Help Other Mothers Grieve.
My Son Nacear Was Killed on Memorial Day. It Took Me Two Years to Cry.
Out of Prison, TikTok Influencers Are Reshaping How We Think About Life Behind Bars
People Often Say My Son ‘Passed Away.’ Darien Was Murdered.
Reality Check: 7 Times Texas Leaders Misled the Public About Operation Lone Star
Solitary Confinement Harms Teens. Louisiana Lawmakers Took a Step to Limit It.
Surviving Prison is 90% Mental. That’s Why I Teach Workouts That Strengthen the Mind
Texans Spend Billions on Border Operations. What Do They Get in Return?
Texas Border Operation’s Largest Share of Arrests: Trespassing On Private Property
The Marshall Project Wins 2021 Bart Richards Award for Media Criticism
The Marshall Project Wins Two Sigma Awards for Data Journalism
The Return of the Firing Squad?