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Dana Goldstein is a former staff writer. She writes Justice Lab and reports on the intersection of education and criminal justice. Her work has appeared in Slate, The Atlantic, and other magazines, and she is the author of The Teacher Wars: A History of America’s Most Embattled Profession.
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Justice Lab October 27, 2016
Science — and law enforcement — are rethinking young adults.
Feature February 2, 2016
Kahton Anderson and the raging raise-the-age debate.
Justice Lab November 3, 2015
And why it can lead to criminal behavior.
Q&A September 18, 2015
A former prostitute makes the case for busting johns.
Feature August 4, 2015
Should prison sentences be based on crimes that haven’t been committed yet?
Justice Lab July 13, 2015
Besides the danger, being ignored.
News July 7, 2015
Seven facts about rape.
Feature June 28, 2015
From the people who live and work there.
News June 25, 2015
Age restriction would be toughest in the nation.
Justice Lab June 4, 2015
Surprising new research suggests parolees who go somewhere new are less likely to offend again.
Q&A May 19, 2015
“If these biker gangs were non-white, we’d have a national freakout.”
Justice Lab May 15, 2015
Is being 19 years old a defense?
Justice Lab May 14, 2015
Experts say that people admit to crimes they didn’t commit. Why did only one juror in the Etan Patz murder case believe them?
Justice Lab May 6, 2015
A new book says kids know they’re a fantasy — even a healthy one.
News April 14, 2015
But they hardly ever get punished this severely.
Justice Lab April 2, 2015
A study lingers on the lives of those we incarcerate.
News March 27, 2015
But does the state go far enough?
Justice Lab March 20, 2015
Why people age out of crime, and what it could mean for how long we put them away.
News March 17, 2015
What the HBO documentary series shows us about real-world law enforcement.
Justice Lab March 12, 2015
A new study points to a strategy for reducing police shootings in towns like Ferguson.
Feature March 6, 2015
Skipping school is a problem. But why is it a crime?
Justice Lab March 4, 2015
No, freeing potheads and shoplifters is not enough.
Justice Lab February 12, 2015
A new book examines the morality of crime.
The Lowdown February 11, 2015
Why they’re disappearing, which states still use them, and what really happens during those overnight visits.
Justice Lab January 29, 2015
Why are IQ scores still being used to determine who is fit to be executed?
Justice Lab January 26, 2015
Does tear gas belong in schools? Do police?
Justice Lab January 21, 2015
… But just a tiny bit, and it took a long time.
Justice Lab January 15, 2015
A new book faults Ted Kennedy, Joe Biden and the NAACP for our prison state.
Justice Lab December 18, 2014
Another way justice is not colorblind
Justice Lab December 11, 2014
A new federal victim survey challenges the ‘one-in-five’ notion.
Justice Lab December 5, 2014
What research tells us in the wake of the Rolling Stone controversy.
Justice Lab December 4, 2014
Even the Supreme Court gets it wrong.
News December 2, 2014
Can New York’s police learn to handle the mentally ill?
Justice Lab November 24, 2014
From aging to gentrification to Prozac.
Justice Lab November 20, 2014
New Orleans is not the only city where police don't get it.
Feature October 6, 2014
Junior Smith was a troubled kid who needed help. Instead, West Virginia sent him to jail.