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Dana Goldstein is a former staff writer. She writes Justice Lab and reports on the intersection of education and criminal justice. Her work has appeared in Slate, The Atlantic, and other magazines, and she is the author of The Teacher Wars: A History of America’s Most Embattled Profession.
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Judge Denise Navarre Cubbon in her courtroom with a juvenile offender in 2015 at the Lucas County Juvenile Court in Toledo, Ohio.
Justice Lab October 27, 2016
Science — and law enforcement — are rethinking young adults.
Feature February 2, 2016
Kahton Anderson and the raging raise-the-age debate.
Justice Lab November 3, 2015
And why it can lead to criminal behavior.
Q&A September 18, 2015
A former prostitute makes the case for busting johns.
Feature August 4, 2015
Should prison sentences be based on crimes that haven’t been committed yet?
Justice Lab July 13, 2015
Besides the danger, being ignored.
Bill Cosby speaking at a university in Washington, D.C. in 2006.
News July 7, 2015
Seven facts about rape.
Feature June 28, 2015
From the people who live and work there.
News June 25, 2015
Age restriction would be toughest in the nation.