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Child abuse is the physical, sexual or emotional maltreatment or neglect of a child or children. In debt platonem reprimique duo, ne autem detraxit prodesset duo. Pri at audire viderer promta. Eu vel tale reformidans reprehendunt.
Feature August 20, 2020
The power of child-abuse pediatric specialists and parents’ unequal journey toward justice
Feature July 21, 2020
A Florida family opted for restorative justice over the death penalty for the man who murdered their mom. What happened next made them question the very meaning of justice.
Coronavirus June 15, 2020
Amid speculation of a spike in abuse, advocates worry that families of color will be policed even more.
News September 25, 2019
An unwed father hopes his case will change the way courts decide what it means to be a parent.
Commentary August 14, 2018
Accused priests face church-imposed “prayer and penance,” but not courts.
Q&A January 22, 2017
Talking to Chris Hansen as he revives his trademark stings.