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Coronavirus June 30
People who live and work in prisons worry they remain vulnerable, even as life behind bars returns to business as usual.
The California Experiment April 23, 2018
Thelton Henderson transformed California’s criminal justice system. Now comes the backlash.
Feature April 12, 2016
How loved ones bear the hidden cost of shipping inmates out of state.
Feature March 24, 2016
Imagine living in a cell that’s smaller than a parking space — with a homicidal roommate.
Feature September 21, 2015
You are about to enter Philadelphia’s largest jail. Here is what you should know.
Feature July 2, 2015
What comes after mass incarceration? Local incarceration.
News January 12, 2015
Alabama pitches prison reform as a states' rights issue.
News November 17, 2014
Crowded cells, aging inmates, soaring costs.