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Life Inside December 13
“Everything in that room, and everyone, was shining, just for a moment.”
Life Inside October 18
“I didn’t have a way to communicate. And they basically just flipped me the bird.”
News October 9
Connecticut’s WORTH program uses therapy, classes and mentoring to try to keep women from coming back.
The Frame October 4
A Pennsylvania artist draws hundreds of fellow inmates to show the scale of mass incarceration.
Life Inside August 23
"It was the kind of moment that you witness but your brain just rejects; you can’t believe what you just saw."
Life Inside July 12
“We aren’t deadbeats — our days are, in fact, incredibly full.”
The Frame April 25
At Tribeca Film Festival, new documentaries give voice to the incarcerated and communities struggling with crime.
Life Inside April 19
As darkness fell, nerves got rattled and rumors spread.
Life Inside March 22
Featuring an “impresario,” a gyrating orange juggler, and an audience-pleasing grand finale.
Life Inside March 8
A federal inmate feels helpless as her partner’s health deteriorates.