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Life Inside April 19
As darkness fell, nerves got rattled and rumors spread.
Life Inside March 8
A federal inmate feels helpless as her partner’s health deteriorates.
Life Inside March 1
“Nothing about life inside prison is normal.”
Life Inside February 9, 2017
For the best man, a fleeting moment of humanity.
Life Inside January 12, 2017
Sharing space with open-minded visitors from beyond the walls.
Case in Point January 9, 2017
Alabama never forgave Phillip Chance for running away.
Life Inside December 22, 2016
In cell 62, another birthday turns into another day alone.
News December 14, 2016
A national field trip to Incarceration Nation, under the shadow of Donald Trump
Life Inside December 8, 2016
Craving the madness.
Life Inside November 3, 2016
“Yo… this dude Trump is outta line!”
News October 23, 2016
Five Texas inmates say what they’d do differently.
Life Inside October 6, 2016
“I felt like a virgin on my wedding night — eager to put this thing to use, not sure if it’ll hurt.”
Life Inside September 29, 2016
“Timothy. His first name was Timothy. I hadn’t known that. They punish us for using guards’ first names.”
News September 27, 2016
Prisoners can be forced to work without pay — the Constitution says so.
News September 21, 2016
Amid a current prison work stoppage, here are five strikes and how they turned out.
News September 13, 2016
A federal statute from the Carter era favors negotiation, but that can take a long time.
Life Inside September 1, 2016
“Until now, touching another living thing took place in the context of fights, pat-downs, and strip searches.”
Life Inside August 25, 2016
“They look tired, ragged, and sick, more so than they thought they would.”
Life Inside August 18, 2016
A prisoner’s world becomes even smaller.
Commentary August 12, 2016
A scathing report calls for “better oversight.” That’s not enough.
Life Inside August 4, 2016
“The man proceeded to make car noises.”
Life Inside June 30, 2016
“Drive whenever you go anywhere, get your financial house in order, finalize your will, take baths, and cry.”
Life Inside March 25, 2016
Fear and anxiety during a three-day lockdown.
Life Inside February 25, 2016
When the people in charge are homophobic.
News February 16, 2016
The work is based on years of letters between Julia Steele Allen and Sara Fonseca.
News January 27, 2016
A field trip to California’s oldest prison.
Life Inside December 23, 2015
“A few flakes continued to fall, and for a moment, I forgot where I was.”
News December 22, 2015
The Louisville jail holds an annual competition to bring cheer to a tough time of year
News October 22, 2015
Phone home, go broke.
Commentary October 5, 2015
Society won’t fix a prison system it can’t see.
Quiz September 30, 2015
Test yourself against the pros.
News August 23, 2015
Barehanded, inmates are ordered to grip a metal fence in 10-degree weather.
Q&A August 20, 2015
For $2 a day, “It’s a hairy adventure, let me tell you.”
Life Inside July 31, 2015
The imagined journey of Steven Ray Epperson.
Life Inside July 16, 2015
Freedom, with conditions.
Commentary July 8, 2015
An author and former prisoner reflects on the white supremacist’s potential fate.
Life Inside July 7, 2015
The ongoing fight for more, and better, prison food.
Feature June 28, 2015
From the people who live and work there.
Commentary June 26, 2015
A former CO — and first-time OITNB-watcher — weighs in.
Life Inside June 9, 2015
“The staff didn't have a clue.”
Asked and Answered May 22, 2015
An Oklahoma corrections officer on the stress and danger of understaffing, and why each inmate should be given a joint twice a day.
Life Inside May 19, 2015
Most of us get out old and broke. Not me.
News May 12, 2015
A new Human Rights Watch report assesses use of force behind bars.
News May 7, 2015
A tough, new report says it’s time for federal prisons to release the elderly and infirm.
The Frame May 1, 2015
One man’s archive of a vanished culture.
The Rules April 3, 2015
Keep it simple, keep it religious.
Commentary April 3, 2015
What to call incarcerated people: Your feedback
The Lowdown March 26, 2015
How some inmates hack, rewire, and retool their radios to create walkie-talkies.
Asked and Answered March 17, 2015
Daniel Luke, a 45-year-old former inmate from Oregon, on his time behind bars and what he struggles with now that he’s out.
Feature February 28, 2015
A savage beating, a culture “beyond repair.”
Life Inside February 13, 2015
A relationship told through letters.
The Lowdown February 12, 2015
How prison pen pal services became the new OkCupid.
Q&A January 12, 2015
Inmate-turned-journalist Paul Wright on what he’s learned in his 25 years covering the prison system.
The Lowdown December 30, 2014
How it’s made, how it smells, and why ketchup is involved.
Feature December 22, 2014
The very sleep-deprived life of a corrections officer.
News December 9, 2014
Prison inmates are dying of cold. Why?
The Rules December 3, 2014
Punishing the act of self-pleasure.
The Lowdown November 19, 2014
How women in prison remake makeup.