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News June 6
Almost a year after our story, a preliminary investigation looks closely at one case.
News April 26
Rep. Ted Deutch, a Florida Democrat, keeps up pressure on the House.
News March 23
Federal officials promised last year to look into the mistreatment of detainees, but little has changed.
News December 7
It is the latest call for an investigation of the for-profit extradition industry.
News August 9
A proposed deal between Prisoner Transportation Services and its closest rival is delayed after an objection is filed.
News August 5
The moves by Prisoner Transportation Services come a month after a Marshall Project story.
News July 12
Her pledge to lawmakers comes after a Marshall Project investigation into deaths and abuses in the industry.
Feature July 6
Tens of thousands of people every year are packed into vans run by for-profit companies with almost no oversight.
Help us localize our national story on this for-profit industry.