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News October 9
Connecticut’s WORTH program uses therapy, classes and mentoring to try to keep women from coming back.
News July 10
A movement to let the formerly incarcerated cut hair and drive taxis is gaining ground.
Life Inside May 24
“This is the path my life had to take so I could be strong.”
Life Inside April 5
“Taking classes helped me forget that I wasn’t free.”
News March 28
Obama revived Pell grants for prisoners, but the program faces a cloudy future.
Commentary March 14
Counting failure is no way to encourage success.
Q&A June 1, 2016
A new documentary spotlights a program that reclaims lives through writing.
Justice Lab March 23, 2016
Pew researchers release a new prison scorecard, but it ain’t perfect.
Analysis March 9, 2016
A new report looks at recidivism among inmates released from federal prisons.
Feature June 11, 2015
What happens when prisoners go from complete isolation to complete freedom in a day?