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Inside Out is a new column from Keri Blakinger, a staff writer at The Marshall Project, drawing on her unique perspective as an investigative journalist and formerly incarcerated person to shine a light on the criminal justice system nationwide. Published in partnership with NBC News, Inside Out will tackle issues like medical care behind bars, conditions of confinement, prison labor and what happens when people are released. Send tips or column ideas to
Inside Out October 14
Lockups use unreliable tests to claim that lawyers are sending drugs to their clients behind bars.
Inside Out September 23
Could changes in jailers’ attitudes lead to better jail conditions and fewer deaths?
Inside Out September 2
Officials claim programs provide skills, but critics say there’s little evidence.
Inside Out August 12
Prison suicides have been rising for years. Experts fear the pandemic has made it worse.
Inside Out July 22
In Michigan, getting dental care can take months, even years.
Inside Out July 1
When coronavirus hit federal prisons, the top officials had no health care experience.
Inside Out June 10
In its search for a new prison’s home, Nebraska finds few places willing to host.
Inside Out May 20
“It’s using the justice system as a barometer of someone’s worth.”