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April, 2019

“Blindfold” Off: New York Overhauls Pretrial Evidence Rules
Can Better Data Fix Florida’s Prisons?
Do Soldiers Face ‘Double Jeopardy’ in Military Courts?
Drawing from Memory: A Former Prisoner Creates Art from Pain and Loss
He’s Living With Severe Mental Illness. Should He Face the Death Penalty?
Indiana Safeguards Rights of Parents in Prison
Money Changed Everything for Me in Prison
My Passover in Prison
The Day I Didn’t Serve on a Jury in a Sex Assault Case
The Death Chamber Next Door
The U.S. Prison Population is Shrinking
They’re Haunted by ‘Ghost Warrants’ Years After Their Arrests
Took a Plea? Brooklyn's District Attorney Will Support Your Parole
When Prisons Cut Off Visits—Indefinitely
When “Violent Offenders” Commit Nonviolent Crimes
Who Begs To Go To Prison? California Jail Inmates