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Gerald Rich is a former interactive reporter specializing in graphics, data analysis, and mapping. Rich freelanced with ProPublica, as well as NPR affiliates in Washington, D.C., and Houston. He also worked as a data analyst with Mapbox, an open-source mapping software company, building interactives for clients such as Mozilla and Foursquare.
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News June 5, 2015
In Mississippi prisons last year, half the officers quit.
News April 6, 2015
Why police are better paid than most workers.
Justice Lab March 4, 2015
No, freeing potheads and shoplifters is not enough.
News February 20, 2015
How Academy Award-nominated films have handled, and mishandled, criminal justice.
Graphics February 12, 2015
Reading between the line items of Department of Justice budgets, past and present.
News February 2, 2015
A new set of characters enters the courtroom lexicon.
News January 16, 2015
The Feds acquire a confusing asset: bitcoins.
Graphics December 23, 2014
More states have passed solitary confinement reforms this year than in the past 16 years.
Graphics December 19, 2014
A guide to the latest stats in the world of criminal justice.