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Life Inside April 14, 2020
Trying to stay alive in Sing Sing.
Coronavirus March 27, 2020
Despite coronavirus, crowding continues inside California’s system.
Coronavirus March 19, 2020
Those 55 and older are a growing share of the people in state prisons. They’re also the most at risk as coronavirus spreads.
Quiz May 19, 2016
The Bureau of Justice Statistics takes a close look at our aging state prison population.
Life Inside March 17, 2016
Tales of the “pale, white-haired, geezer in a wheelchair.”
Justice Lab August 24, 2015
Science tries to catch up with the problem of ‘accelerated aging.’
News May 7, 2015
A tough, new report says it’s time for federal prisons to release the elderly and infirm.
News November 17, 2014
Crowded cells, aging inmates, soaring costs.