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News July 29, 2020
Many prisons, especially in the South, are named after racist officials and former plantations.
Coronavirus July 16, 2020
But not because of COVID-19 releases.
Feature July 10, 2020
Officials’ missteps at Butner made it the deadliest federal lockup.
News June 11, 2020
The North Carolina state Supreme Court has upheld the controversial Racial Justice Act, which opponents repealed in 2013
Coronavirus May 14, 2020
Fatal victims illuminate women’s unique problems in prison, and the all-too-common ways they get there in the first place.
News May 11, 2020
“A judge who deals with prosecutors every day is not going to say, ‘You intentionally discriminated on the basis of race, and you lied about it with pretextual reasons.’”
Coronavirus April 24, 2020
Health experts say not testing staff could be a blind spot.
Coronavirus March 19, 2020
“Kinda defeats the ban on visitation, which was to protect inmates and mainly staff,” critic says.
Feature February 18, 2020
It was a triple-murder fueled by rage—but was it a hate crime?
News August 28, 2019
A lawsuit seeks protective orders even when queer couples don’t live together.