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December, 2014

16-Hour Shifts, 300 Inmates to Watch, and 1 Lonely Son
A Department of Defense Gift Guide 2014
A Plea from the Right
A Summer in Camden
A Vet and His Demons
Black Boy, White Boy
Confessing While Black
Dollree Mapp, 1923-2014: “The Rosa Parks of the Fourth Amendment”
Eric Holder’s Final Crusade
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Private Prisons...
Handling, Not Manhandling, the Mentally Ill
Havana vs. Rikers Island
It’s Not the Heat
Kids Are Different
New York Explains Itself
Ohio’s New Frontier in Secrecy
Our Jury Is In on “Serial”
Peeping Toms
‘People Think We're Out to Get Everyone.’
Plea Bargaining and the Innocent
PowerPoint Justice
Prison Moonshine
Pulling the Teeth from the Prison Rape Elimination Act
Shifting Away from Solitary
Six Reasons the Death Penalty is Becoming More Expensive
The Dueling Data on Campus Rape
The FCC Looks into the Prison Telephone Racket
‘The Ferguson Bill’
The Garner Decision in Black and White
The Misleading Math of ‘Recidivism’
The New “New Policing”
The Pentagon Finally Details its Weapons-for-Cops Giveaway
Therapists in Blue
The Slow Death of the Death Penalty
The Willie Bosket Case
Trial By Cash
U.S. Incarceration: Still Mass
Was Lennon Lacy Lynched?
What Can You Do With a Drunken Lawyer?
What Death Penalty Opponents Don’t Get
What it’s Like to be Black In the NYPD Right Now
What You Need to Know About Body Cameras
When Rape Allegations Are in Doubt
Why are Some Inmates in South Carolina Wearing Pink Jumpsuits?
Will Millennials Embrace Prison Reform?