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December, 2015

About That Unbelievable Story
A Brutal Crime, Often Terribly Investigated
Another Police ‘Reformer’ Takes a Fall
An Unbelievable Story of Rape
A Rare, White Christmas in a Texas Prison
Black Lives Matter Protesters are “Tired,” “Hopeful,” “Ready”
Could Trees Help Stop Crime?
Deck the Dorm: A Christmas Contest in a Kentucky Jail
Digg Dialog Recap: How Not To Handle A Rape Investigation
Highlights From Our Death Penalty Discussion
How a Stranger Helped One Man Rebuild His Life After Prison
How We Reported ‘An Unbelievable Story of Rape’
John Oliver’s Year in Criminal Justice
Join Our Discussion: How Not To Handle A Rape Investigation
Miami’s Notorious Jail Fights Back Against Rape
My Wife and Child Died on the Way Home From Visiting Me in Prison
New York Disarms the ‘Mentally Ill’
Next Year in Criminal Justice
Rape is Rape, Isn’t It?
Raphael Holiday was Put to Death, and His Lawyers Should Have Tried Harder to Stop It
Some of Our Best Work of the Past Year
Spotting the ‘Red Flags’ of Abusive Prison Guards
The Best Reporting on Rape
The Bureaucracy of Mercy
The Death Penalty in 2015
The Marshall Project’s Holiday Gift Guide
Watch Alvin Ailey Dancers Rehearse a Piece About Being Locked Up
What Angola's Resigning Warden Is Leaving Behind
What Everyone Gets Wrong About Christmas Pardons
What it’s Like to be a Cop Involved in a Mass Shooting
Who is Putting the Most People in Jail? Not New York, Chicago, or LA.
Why Did It Take the Feds So Long to Probe Chicago Cops?
Why it’s Hard to be a Lifer Who’s Getting Out of Prison
Why We Need to Shut Down Juvie