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June, 2016

A Professional Bounty Hunter Who Likes the Bail System Just the Way It Is
Are Traffic Stops Prone to Racial Bias?
Ban the Other Box
Could Removing Brock Turner’s Judge Hurt Poor and Minority Defendants?
For 50 Years, You’ve Had “The Right to Remain Silent”
Forget Closing Rikers
How a Lawyer Gave Up Corporate Work to Help Exonerees Re-enter Society
How a Police Detective Helps Inmates Prepare to Live on the Outside
How Easy Would It Be to Recall the Judge in the Brock Turner Case?
I’m a Cop Who Went Viral for Not Killing a Man
I Made a Rap Video in Prison
Is a Life in Solitary “Cruel and Unusual?”
I Survived a Suicide Attempt in Jail
Meet the Full-Service Social Media Secretary for Prisoners
Poor on a Native American Reservation? Good Luck Getting a Lawyer.
Should Jurors Refuse to Serve with the Judge in the Brock Turner Case?
So You Think a New Prison Will Save Your Town?
The Amazing iPhone-sniffing Prison Dogs
The Bogus Murder Confession That Changed How I Investigate Family Violence
The Day My Brother Took a Life and Changed Mine Forever
The Death Penalty Case Where Prosecutors Wrote the Judge’s ‘Opinion’
Want to Clear Your Record? It’ll Cost You $450
When You’re Busted at the Music Festival, Who Ya Gonna Call?
Why Prince’s Death Shouldn’t Lead to Bad Drug Policy
Would You Waive Your Miranda Rights?