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April, 2020

A Juvenile Lifer Finds Peace in the Prison Garden
A New Tactic To Fight Coronavirus: Send The Homeless From Jails To Hotels
As a Mom Working In a Prison, I Worry About Bringing Coronavirus Home
Coronavirus Ended His Shot at a Second Chance
Coronavirus is Keeping Prison Families From Saying Their Last Goodbyes
Coronavirus Restrictions Stoke Tensions in Lock-ups Across U.S.
Court Is Closed Due to Coronavirus. But You Still Owe Those Fines and Fees.
“Covid Breached the Wall and Killed A Man Yesterday”
During the COVID-19 Crisis, Don’t Shoot the Messenger
Federal Prison Factories Kept Running as Coronavirus Spread
Federal Prisons Agency “Put Staff in Harm’s Way” of Coronavirus
Few Federal Prisoners Released Under COVID-19 Emergency Policies
Freed From Prison After 26 Years—Into a Coronavirus Hotspot
How 27 Years in Prison Prepared Me for Coronavirus
“How Do I Defend People Now?”
“I Do Not Want to Die Somewhere Like This.”
Infected, Incarcerated—and Coming to an ICU Near You?
Is Domestic Violence Rising During the Coronavirus Shutdown? Here’s What the Data Shows.
I’ve Served Time in Prison. Sheltering in Place is Terrifying.
I Was a Prison Hospice Aide. Then Came Coronavirus.
I Was at Rikers While Coronavirus Spread. Getting Out Was Just as Surreal.
Migrant Children Still Face Speedy Deportation Hearings in COVID-19 Hotspots
New York Rolled Back Bail Reform. What Will The Rest Of The Country Do?
Probation and Parole Officers Are Rethinking Their Rules As Coronavirus Spreads
Texas Prison Officers: We Asked For Face Masks In 2017. COVID-19 Got Here First.
The 470,000 Potential Voters Most Likely To Be Disenfranchised Next Election
The Judge Will See You On Zoom, But The Public Is Mostly Left Out
The Marshall Project Wins a 2020 Headliner Award
These Prisons Are Doing Mass Testing For COVID-19—And Finding Mass Infections
Tracking the Spread of Coronavirus in Prisons
Trump Administration Tells Some Business Owners “Do Not Apply” for Coronavirus Loans
What Happens When More Than 300,000 Prisoners Are Locked Down?