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January, 2021

A $6,300 Bus. A $33 Last Meal. What New Documents Tell Us About Trump’s Execution Spree
A Civilian's Guide to Insurrection Legalese
Hidden in Bill Passed Over Trump’s Veto: Limits on Police Militarization
How to Decode Biden’s Immigration Blitz
Prisons Are Releasing People Without COVID-19 Tests Or Quarantines
The Marshall Project: Diversity and Inclusion, 2020
Trump’s Pardons Show The Process Has Always Been Broken
Wesley Lowery Joins The Marshall Project
What Lisa Montgomery Has In Common With Many On Death Row: Extensive Trauma.
When a Shower Counts as a Privilege, You Have to Get Creative
White Terrorism Often Leads to Harsher Punishment for People of Color
Zoom Funerals, Outdoor Classes: Jails and Prisons Evolve Amid the Pandemic