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January, 2021

A $6,300 Bus. A $33 Last Meal. What New Documents Tell Us About Trump’s Execution Spree
A Civilian's Guide to Insurrection Legalese
Help Us Report On COVID-19 Vaccinations Behind Bars
Hidden in Bill Passed Over Trump’s Veto: Limits on Police Militarization
How to Decode Biden’s Immigration Blitz
I Did 340 Pushups a Day to Prepare for the TV Version of Prison. Then I Got There.
Prisons Are Releasing People Without COVID-19 Tests Or Quarantines
The Case That Made Texas the Death Penalty Capital
The Marshall Project: Diversity and Inclusion, 2020
These Young People Were Told They Could Stay in the U.S. They Might Get Deported Anyway.
This Scientist Helped Free the Innocent Using DNA. Now Biden Wants Him in the Cabinet.
Trump’s Pardons Show The Process Has Always Been Broken
Wesley Lowery Joins The Marshall Project
What Lisa Montgomery Has In Common With Many On Death Row: Extensive Trauma.
When a Shower Counts as a Privilege, You Have to Get Creative
White Terrorism Often Leads to Harsher Punishment for People of Color
Zoom Funerals, Outdoor Classes: Jails and Prisons Evolve Amid the Pandemic