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Bill Keller is editor-in-chief of The Marshall Project. Keller worked for The New York Times from 1984 to 2014 as a correspondent, editor, and op-ed columnist. As a correspondent, he covered the collapse of the Soviet Union, winning a Pulitzer Prize, and the end of white rule in South Africa. From July 2003 until September 2011, he was the executive editor of The Times.
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News December 21, 2017
Prison as college campus. Prison as wellness center. Prison as monastery.
Commentary September 14, 2017
How her prison education saved us a million bucks
News and Awards August 16, 2017
If you believe in what we do, become a member today.
Analysis July 19, 2017
What Washington can learn from the states.
Q&A February 16, 2017
An advocate (and survivor) makes the case for another approach.
Analysis February 9, 2017
Or at least misleading, says this contrarian scholar. Here’s why it matters.
Q&A February 1, 2017
“A painting may inspire, but it’s people who make change.”
Q&A January 2, 2017
“There are thousands of innocent people in prison serving long sentences for crimes committed by others.”
Analysis December 16, 2016
Four reasons a bipartisan bill has a better chance than you think
News and Awards November 11, 2016
Why The Marshall Project Needs Your Support More Than Ever
Crime on the Ballot November 9, 2016
There’s a new sheriff in town.
Analysis September 29, 2016
Obama and Newt Gingrich. Koch Industries and the ACLU. With friends like that, how could it lose?
Commentary May 22, 2016
We’re going to shackle you while you give birth, but you’ll look great.
Commentary April 27, 2016
What we call the imprisoned matters.
Commentary April 18, 2016
From David Simon's Baltimore anguish to elite police fraternities to teens behind bars.
Analysis March 9, 2016
A new report looks at recidivism among inmates released from federal prisons.
Q&A March 2, 2016
‘Rodney King is in the lineage of Emmett Till, Medgar Evers, Trayvon Martin — that lineage of violation.’
Analysis February 12, 2016
The vaunted bipartisan drive to enact federal criminal justice reform is not quite dead. But its pulse is faint.
News January 27, 2016
A field trip to California’s oldest prison.
Q&A January 20, 2016
Not hardly. But he’s for rolling back the war on drugs, ending mass incarceration, and letting former convicts vote.
News December 24, 2015
A note on the joys of collaboration
News December 14, 2015
Why hasn’t President Obama freed more prisoners? Maybe that’s the wrong question.
Analysis October 21, 2015
Is this the beginning — or the end?
Commentary October 5, 2015
Society won’t fix a prison system it can’t see.
Quiz September 30, 2015
Test yourself against the pros.
Feature June 28, 2015
From the people who live and work there.
Feature June 22, 2015
Pat Nolan and a movement that may have found its moment.
Feature May 13, 2015
We talk to the man who became our national nightmare. Thirty years later, does he still matter?
Q&A April 29, 2015
Freddie Gray, the drug war, and the decline of “real policing.”
Commentary April 1, 2015
An invitation to our audience.
Commentary February 20, 2015
The odd-couple alliance on justice reform is not as odd as it seems.
News December 11, 2014
Our favorite nugget from the torture report.
Q&A December 1, 2014
A couple of Harvard guys aim to find out.
Q&A November 17, 2014
An interview with the outgoing attorney general.