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Bill Keller is editor-in-chief of The Marshall Project. Keller worked for The New York Times from 1984 to 2014 as a correspondent, editor, and op-ed columnist. As a correspondent, he covered the collapse of the Soviet Union, winning a Pulitzer Prize, and the end of white rule in South Africa. From July 2003 until September 2011, he was the executive editor of The Times.
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News December 21, 2017
Prison as college campus. Prison as wellness center. Prison as monastery.
Commentary September 14, 2017
How her prison education saved us a million bucks
News and Awards August 16, 2017
If you believe in what we do, become a member today.
Analysis July 19, 2017
What Washington can learn from the states.
Q&A February 16, 2017
An advocate (and survivor) makes the case for another approach.
Analysis February 9, 2017
Or at least misleading, says this contrarian scholar. Here’s why it matters.
Q&A February 1, 2017
“A painting may inspire, but it’s people who make change.”
Q&A January 2, 2017
“There are thousands of innocent people in prison serving long sentences for crimes committed by others.”
Analysis December 16, 2016
Four reasons a bipartisan bill has a better chance than you think