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News January 8, 2020
Understaffing, powerful gangs and constant lockdowns brew tensions that exploded last week.
Justice Lab November 11, 2019
Victim’s family pushes for a high-tech crackdown—but it may not work.
Life Inside June 28, 2018
Navigating the sometimes weird, arcane rules about inmate contraband.
Life Inside March 25, 2016
Fear and anxiety during a three-day lockdown.
News July 13, 2015
The drug use that plagues the state now haunts its cellblocks.
News July 1, 2015
When cigarettes are outlawed, only outlaws have cigarettes.
News June 5, 2015
In Mississippi prisons last year, half the officers quit.
The Lowdown November 19, 2014
How women in prison remake makeup.