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News August 10
Three years after the First Step Act required the Bureau of Prisons to treat more people with medications for opioid addiction, only a tiny fraction are receiving them.
The System November 11, 2020
The United States locks up more people per capita than any other developed country. Here’s why.
A prisoner at FCC Coleman in Florida. About 750 federal prisoners due to be released under the First Step Act could be deported.
News June 18, 2019
About 750 federal inmates will be transferred to Immigration and Customs Enforcement custody starting in mid-July.
A police officer and a correctional officer patrol the entrance of the El Reno Federal Correctional Institution in El Reno, Oklahoma.
News June 5, 2019
Officials are trying to line up jobs and housing for 2,200 inmates who are scheduled to be freed in July under the First Step Act.
Office of Management and Budget staff members deliver President Donald Trump's 2020 budget to the House Budget Committee on Capitol Hill.
News March 12, 2019
Supporters worry because law seeks $75 million a year for five years, but president’s plan lists $14 million.
Federal Transportation Security Administration officers work at a checkpoint at O'Hare airport in Chicago, in January.
News March 5, 2019
Critics oppose disclosing enrollment in drug-court programs and other prison alternatives.
President Donald Trump announces his support of the "First Step Act" at the White House in November.
News November 16, 2018
Too much? Too little? You be the judge.
 CNN commentator and host Van Jones supports the First Step Act, a bill that would improve some conditions for the nation’s 185,000 federal prisoners.
Q&A June 18, 2018
The CNN host defends his involvement with a controversial prison reform bill and the Trump White House.