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Analysis December 13, 2019
An eerily similar crime in New York this week will test public attitudes about juvenile justice.
Case in Point November 13, 2017
An idle threat, but the teenage suspect confessed.
Commentary June 12, 2016
So why do so many suspects confess to crimes they didn’t commit?
Life Inside June 2, 2016
A prosecutor on the case he’ll never forget.
News September 4, 2015
A confession, a threat—it’s probably taped. And admissible.
News June 8, 2015
Re-assessing a videotaped interrogation.
News April 14, 2015
One by a nervous kid. One by a self-styled hit man. A Detroit whodunnit.
News March 17, 2015
What the HBO documentary series shows us about real-world law enforcement.