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A public defender returns to his office after helping defendants at the Rhode Island District Court in 2017.
Life Inside April 17, 2020
Public defenders rely on in-person, confidential meetings with clients. They say COVID-19 makes their jobs nearly impossible.
Case in Point January 15, 2018
Why can’t the defense have access, too?
Scharlette Holdman, pictured here in 2017, was a well-known death penalty mitigation specialist.
News July 13, 2017
Scharlette Holdman, pioneering foe of the death penalty, dies at 70.
Thomas Clardy was convicted in 2007 of the murder of Kirk Clouatre. Pictured here in 1994, he is serving a life sentence. He says he is innocent.
Case in Point May 22, 2017
Thomas Edward Clardy and the trial after the trial.
Feature September 8, 2016
Louisiana judges are finding some unexpected substitutes for underfunded defenders.
Commentary February 11, 2016
Why African-Americans don’t trust the courts, and why it matters.
News January 28, 2016
The ACLU takes the cash-poor agency to court to force the cash-poor legislature to pay.
News October 26, 2015
Inside Utah’s troubled indigent defense system.
Commentary March 30, 2015
What a battle between a Mississippi judge and a group of public defenders tells us about the state of indigent defense.