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Feature April 23
At the start of the pandemic, we asked four incarcerated people to chronicle daily life with the coronavirus. Here, they reveal what they witnessed and how they coped with the chaos, fear, isolation and deaths.
A robot emits high-intensity ultraviolet light in a booking room at the Kent County Jail in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
Coronavirus May 13, 2020
Some sheriffs are buying ultraviolet light machines traditionally used by hospitals.
Eisha Love is a plaintiff in a federal suit challenging an Illinois law that restricts those with felony convictions from changing their name.
News January 27, 2020
New lawsuits by transgender people challenge bans on name changes for those convicted of crimes.
Circuit Court Judge Michael Screnock is a candidate for the Wisconsin Supreme Court and has received the backing of the National Rifle Association.
News April 4, 2018
Wisconsin shows off the new normal in judicial elections: political, expensive and often about something else.
Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker signs a gun bill at the Milwaukee County Sheriff's office on June. 24.
Analysis June 26, 2015
As his rivals ease up, one candidate hangs tough
Protesters march in Madison, Wisc. on May 12, after it was announced there would be no charges filed against Officer Matt Kenny in the shooting death of 19-year-old Tony Robinson.
News May 14, 2015
A shooting death spotlights Wisconsin’s legacy of police reform.
Rock County Circuit Court Judge James Daley
News April 6, 2015
Who is the toughest judge in all of Wisconsin?