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Commentary June 19, 2018
“Each step in the transition from prison to community is an opportunity for either social integration or isolation.”
News November 6, 2015
A widespread heroin problem could open the door to a once-radical idea.
News May 14, 2015
... die a (probably) painless death or live 50 years in solitary?
Q&A April 7, 2015
On the eve of deliberations over the fate of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, a juror in the Timothy McVeigh trial looks back.
News April 6, 2015
In time for closing arguments, ten pieces to catch you up.
Q&A March 11, 2015
A trauma surgeon on the moment the accused Boston Marathon bomber became his patient.
News February 16, 2015
Boston cops weather the endless snow.
Feature February 2, 2015
Notes from a Boston courtroom.
The Lowdown January 29, 2015
The many ways we recycle vacant prisons.
Justice Lab January 26, 2015
Does tear gas belong in schools? Do police?