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Andrew Cohen examines a single case or character that sheds light on the criminal justice system.
Case in Point February 13
A California court case could unravel decades of police secrecy.
Case in Point August 6, 2018
An inmate tests a new patch of constitutional ground.
Case in Point July 23, 2018
Brett Kavanaugh and the case of Gregory “Boy Boy” Bell
Case in Point June 11, 2018
His defenders say yes. South Dakota says no. The Supreme Court may soon weigh in.
Case in Point May 21, 2018
After 22 years, Manuel Herrera discovers that it’s complicated.
Case in Point May 6, 2018
Prosecutors stacked the deck. Forty-one years later, that may be enough to free Johnny Gates.
Case in Point April 16, 2018
The Corey Williams case comes close.
Case in Point April 2, 2018
Did a prosecutor lie about whether the family of a murder victim wanted the death penalty?
Case in Point March 12, 2018
Where was Hamid Hayat?
Case in Point February 26, 2018
How one false statement brought down a Wall Street company.