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Former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort arrived to his arraignment in New York in 2019.
Analysis January 19
Donald Trump’s volatile approach to granting clemency epitomizes a system that many have long hoped to change.
Democratic presidential nominee Joseph R. Biden spoke during a drive-in campaign rally in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on Nov. 2.
News November 8, 2020
Joe Biden ran on the most progressive criminal justice platform of any major party candidate in generations. So what can he actually do?
Michelle Miles, a first-time nonviolent drug offender, received a mandatory minimum sentence of 30 years in prison. She served 19 years before receiving clemency from President Barack Obama on May 5, 2016.
Commentary December 13, 2017
Catching up with Obama’s clemency recipients.
Neil Eggleston, who served as White House counsel from April 2014 until the end of President Barack Obama's second term.
Q&A February 14, 2017
“He felt strongly that this was a gift, and the gift had to be earned.”
President Barack Obama met in 2016 with a group of people whose prison sentences had been commuted.
Commentary January 26, 2017
The difference between the freed and the left-behind was often luck.
News January 18, 2017
Two commutations this week was less than many had hoped for.
News December 23, 2015
It’s not true that prisoners get released during the holidays
Raphael Holiday on October 28, 2015.
Commentary December 17, 2015
Gretchen Sween was hired a month before Holiday was executed. This is what she saw.
News December 14, 2015
Why hasn’t President Obama freed more prisoners? Maybe that’s the wrong question.
Feature October 23, 2015
A one-on-one interview with the president.