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News May 18
Sentencing reforms still curbing mass incarceration, but some eye reversals.
News April 30
A Marshall Project journey to Montgomery, Alabama.
News January 17
Here are nine ways the law-and-order president has smashed Obama’s legacy.
Justice Lab December 15, 2017
Why are black imprisonment rates going down? Four theories.
Analysis February 9, 2017
Or at least misleading, says this contrarian scholar. Here’s why it matters.
Commentary October 28, 2016
How New York City Cut Crime and Incarceration at the Same Time
Commentary July 31, 2016
A call for criminal justice reform.
Commentary July 6, 2016
Don’t overlook local jails.
Commentary December 15, 2015
A new tool drills down on hidden incarceration rates.
Justice Lab November 18, 2015
The race gap for adults is shrinking. Why is it widening for juveniles?
Feature October 23, 2015
A one-on-one interview with the president.
Analysis October 21, 2015
Is this the beginning — or the end?
Commentary October 13, 2015
It’s not about non-violent offenders. And it won’t be cheap.
News October 9, 2015
A profile of the 6,000.
Commentary October 7, 2015
Black leaders also embraced it.
Analysis July 22, 2015
While prison reform gains momentum, the immigration debate remains “tough on crime.”
Analysis July 15, 2015
A closer look at the president’s speech on criminal justice reform.
Life Inside May 26, 2015
A prisoner and former foster child on the kids he knew — and the inmates they became.
News May 7, 2015
She was for reform before she was against it before she was for it.
Justice Lab January 21, 2015
… But just a tiny bit, and it took a long time.
News January 20, 2015
Reimagining the president's State of the Union speech.
Justice Lab January 15, 2015
A new book faults Ted Kennedy, Joe Biden and the NAACP for our prison state.
Justice Lab November 24, 2014
From aging to gentrification to Prozac.