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Life Inside December 3, 2020
The racial slurs, dumb comments and news reports of hate violence have me on edge.
Justice Lab October 28, 2020
Mainstream media is less likely to cover Black homicide victims and less likely to portray them as complex human beings, a new study shows.
Kunlyna Tauch at Pelican Bay State Prison in January.
Life Inside July 9, 2020
I’m a Cambodian-American from Long Beach, California. But to a prison system that limits its population categories to “Black,” “White” and “Hispanic,” I’m the race version of a misfit toy.
Life Inside June 25, 2020
Being locked up for a crime I didn’t commit was hard. But nothing compares to the humiliation and harassment that my elderly, disabled, Black cellmate experienced.
Life Inside June 18, 2020
Growing up with a father who was incarcerated didn’t define me. But it certainly taught me to challenge stereotypes and ask better questions.
Johnny Lee Gates in the 1970s.
Case in Point May 6, 2018
Prosecutors stacked the deck. Forty-one years later, that may be enough to free Johnny Gates.
Demonstrators occupy the Starbucks where two African-American men were arrested after employees said they were trespassing, in Philadelphia in April.
Commentary April 23, 2018
In retail, fear of black criminality regularly shows up in policies and practices across stores and sectors.
A bus driver asks a black passenger to move to a seat in the back of the bus in Tallahassee, Fla in 1956.
Commentary April 12, 2017
Before United, a legacy of excessive force in transportation
Feature July 13, 2016
At a painful time, a roundup of proposed remedies