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Feature December 3, 2014
Bellying up to the arsenal.
News January 8
But local cops can still receive Pentagon equipment, including automatic rifles.
News July 21, 2017
A federal sting reveals lax oversight in the Defense Department’s gear giveaway program.
News and Awards October 19, 2016
EndRun is now available to developers.
News and Awards July 23, 2020
Eads previously worked as a reporter and editor at The Chicago Reporter and ProPublica Illinois.
Commentary October 11, 2017
The nation’s largest police organization does more harm to public safety than good.
Graphics December 5, 2014
Just pay shipping and handling.
Justice Lab January 15, 2015
A new book faults Ted Kennedy, Joe Biden and the NAACP for our prison state.
News November 25, 2014
10 must-reads from coverage of the decision, and the protests.
The System October 21, 2020
Police forces in the U.S. were originally founded to secure private property—including human beings.
News January 17, 2018
Here are nine ways the law-and-order president has smashed Obama’s legacy.