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News March 15, 2018
Trump’s nominee to this panel called it “an overfed lemur.”
Commentary February 7, 2018
One man’s seven-year wait for a trial reveals the ways mandatory minimums distort our courts.
News June 18, 2017
After 18 months of freedom, Robert Woodall may be headed back behind bars.
Analysis February 12, 2016
The vaunted bipartisan drive to enact federal criminal justice reform is not quite dead. But its pulse is faint.
Analysis November 6, 2015
Not everybody is aboard the criminal justice reform bandwagon. Here’s why.
News July 23, 2015
New, retroactive sentencing guidelines begin to kick in.
Analysis July 22, 2015
While prison reform gains momentum, the immigration debate remains “tough on crime.”
News January 20, 2015
Reimagining the president's State of the Union speech.
News November 17, 2014
Will Senator Grassley kill the Smarter Sentencing Act?