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January, 2015

America Hates Terrorists
A New York Lesson for Chicago (and Elsewhere)
Another Kind of Isolation
A Pirate’s Booty
A Short History of Police Protest
Bad Blood
Beat the Feds
‘Blame Liberals’
Converted Cellblocks
‘Crime’ and ‘Punishment’
Eric Holder, Dzhokar Tsarnaev, and the Death Penalty
Fit to be Killed?
Fixing the Jail Where Kalief Browder was Held
Gideon’s Despair
Going Viral
Hands Off My Yacht
In Your Face
‘I Spend Just as Much Time Protecting Felons from Society.’
Life Without Police
Look! Up In the Sky! It’s ... Illegal!
‘My Fellow Americans’
My Judicial Detachment
Next Slide, Please
NYC Declares an End to Solitary for Inmates Under 21
See No Evil
‘Sure, People Are Talking About Prison Reform, but They Aren’t Actually Doing Anything.’
‘The Garb of Innocence’
The Great Ohio Death Drug Mystery
The Life-or-Death Test
The Near Death of Mark Christeson
The Politics of Mercy
‘The Rules Are So Thoroughly Stacked in the Defendant’s Favor.’
The Teenage Brain of the Boston Bomber
The Writing on the Walls
Welcome to Miracle Village
What You Should Read About Loretta Lynch
Yes, Mr. President, Incarceration Rates have Dropped ...