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News December 20, 2015
Under pressure, New York says it will better track correctional officers
Commentary May 28, 2015
A deep-red state shows the way, with conservatives in the lead.
News December 21, 2017
Prison as college campus. Prison as wellness center. Prison as monastery.
The Frame June 13, 2020
“The Writing on the Wall” art installation lets incarcerated people speak for themselves.
News December 17, 2014
Do prison inmates have a right to privacy?
Commentary May 22, 2016
We’re going to shackle you while you give birth, but you’ll look great.
News February 2, 2017
A filmmaker spends a year inside a Virginia supermax facility.
The Frame March 13, 2016
“Shout outs” on the air led to van rides to the supermax.
Life Inside January 26, 2017
Is dying sooner better than being executed later?
News August 14, 2017
The mixed blessing of an internet posse.
Feature March 22, 2019
Can New York City build its way out of mass incarceration?
Feature July 10, 2020
Officials’ missteps at Butner made it the deadliest federal lockup.
Feature October 2, 2020
An Alabama man killed by a K-9 officer was one of thousands of Americans bitten by police dogs every year. Few ever get justice.
Life Inside October 6, 2016
“I felt like a virgin on my wedding night — eager to put this thing to use, not sure if it’ll hurt.”
Life Inside October 25, 2018
At a Kentucky prison, inmates and staff switch places during a “re-entry to society” role-playing game.
News December 23, 2014
When prosecutors slide around the law.
Life Inside December 6, 2018
“We don’t live on death row; we wait to die.”
Commentary November 13, 2018
Midterms show wide support across party lines for changing the system.
Crime on the Ballot November 9, 2016
There’s a new sheriff in town.
News January 20, 2015
He was nearly executed because his lawyers missed a filing deadline. Now the Supreme Court has weighed in on what should happen next.
The Lowdown November 19, 2014
How women in prison remake makeup.
Analysis August 28, 2019
Calls grow to create an independent court system that protects immigration judges from political pressure.
Life Inside January 10, 2019
“Step by step, I shuffle forward amid the mass of bodies, waiting to get inside.”
Commentary May 21, 2015
It’s an internment camp.
Feature February 3, 2016
In the aftermath of Michael Brown's death, St. Louis cops embrace crime-predicting software.
Feature November 17, 2020
Police dogs bite thousands of Americans each year, including innocent bystanders, children, police officers, even their own handlers. The Marshall Project—in collaboration with, IndyStar and the Invisible Institute—examined more than 150 serious cases nationwide.
Life Inside July 19, 2018
How hard could it be not to betray your friends?
Life Inside January 11, 2018
A mystery unfolds during an urgent phone call.
Life Inside November 15, 2018
After being locked up for years, a prisoner’s ability to see freedom fades.
Español March 5
Más de 100 personas encarceladas en todo el país nos plantearon sus preguntas sobre la vacuna. A continuación explicamos si es segura, cuándo estará disponible y más
Life Inside August 25, 2016
“They look tired, ragged, and sick, more so than they thought they would.”
Q&A March 2, 2016
‘Rodney King is in the lineage of Emmett Till, Medgar Evers, Trayvon Martin — that lineage of violation.’
Analysis December 16, 2016
Four reasons a bipartisan bill has a better chance than you think
News March 29, 2016
Rules from 2012 are too often ignored, advocates say.
News January 4, 2018
It just got a lot harder to send a care package to New York prisoners.
News August 6, 2018
Cory Booker and Sherrod Brown, both Democrats, want answers from the insurance industry.
News March 12, 2015
The nation diversifies. The bureau, not so much.
Life Inside May 5, 2016
On living with, and sharing, that information for a lifetime.
Life Inside May 17, 2018
Not even an extra boiled egg.
News October 24, 2017
A judge protects an exonerated man from his lawyer.
News July 1, 2015
Expunged arrest records, and new jobs for police dogs.
Analysis July 13, 2015
But Congress is the place to watch.
Commentary August 15, 2018
Journalists expose systems that don’t work, and officials often agree.
Commentary July 3, 2018
Had British authorities and their soldiers exercised de-escalation tactics, would the United States exist today?
Feature September 24, 2017
By reframing the issue around the evils of big government, Republicans are notching victories that have eluded more liberal legislatures.
Life Inside January 12, 2017
Sharing space with open-minded visitors from beyond the walls.
News and Awards May 26, 2020
Films offering new perspectives on criminal justice in the United States to be made through a new initiative from The Sundance Institute and The Marshall Project
Commentary August 12, 2016
A scathing report calls for “better oversight.” That’s not enough.
Analysis November 6, 2020
A Nevada state supreme court candidate was one of very few nationwide to run on a message of reform. Most campaigns leaned on “tough on crime” strategy yet again.
Commentary July 21, 2015
“Go Set a Watchman” puts the “white savior” notion in its place.
Commentary June 26, 2015
A former CO — and first-time OITNB-watcher — weighs in.
News December 14, 2016
A national field trip to Incarceration Nation, under the shadow of Donald Trump
Coronavirus May 21, 2020
Just a small fraction of federal prisoners have been sent home. Many others lack legal help and connections to make their case.
Feature April 7, 2018
Two brothers did 31 years for someone else’s crime. Then things went bad.
News October 30, 2017
A company’s program, used by Walmart and others, bypasses the cops.
News August 2, 2017
Your doctor, your pharmacist... and the police.
Analysis July 18, 2016
The Republicans nod to reforms, then take a sharp right turn.
Life Inside March 16, 2017
Always playing against the clock.
Life Inside May 12, 2016
And the case I’ll never forget.
Life Inside July 31, 2015
The imagined journey of Steven Ray Epperson.
News November 4, 2019
The state slashed sentences for more than 500 people convicted in low-level drug and theft cases.
Coronavirus April 22, 2020
Reports of domestic abuse in three cities have dropped. But police and experts say that may be a problem.
News July 13, 2015
The drug use that plagues the state now haunts its cellblocks.
Analysis February 12, 2016
The vaunted bipartisan drive to enact federal criminal justice reform is not quite dead. But its pulse is faint.
The Lowdown September 25, 2016
Ahead of the presidential debate, setting the record straight on a hot-button immigration issue.
News February 11, 2020
Confronted with the photos’ lasting impact, some news websites no longer use them as click-bait.
Life Inside January 25, 2018
When a trip to the hospital means spending hours on a cramped bus handcuffed to another prisoner.
News December 19, 2018
Now that the First Step Act passed, prison reformers are already making lists.
News February 25, 2020
New judges change courtroom culture as well as bail rules.
Coronavirus April 8, 2020
SBA says people with criminal records aren't eligible for some emergency loans, even though experts say the law doesn't exclude them.
Commentary March 19, 2015
Georgia has become the laboratory of criminal justice reform.
Commentary October 28, 2018
Can the conviction of Chicago cop Jason Van Dyke finally force policing into the 21st century?
Life Inside August 16, 2018
"This isn’t a place that provides treatment, help, or even empathy to those who suffer from stress, depression, and mental illness."
News December 15, 2014
Does he belong in a prison or a hospital?
Analysis August 12, 2015
Suddenly it’s not a crime problem, it’s a health problem.
News October 28, 2015
A lack of evidence doesn’t stop cities from rounding up sexual offenders on the holiday.
News November 21, 2017
Lawsuits say the practice severely penalizes those too poor to pay.
Life Inside December 1, 2016
What I saw tracking down the mentally ill in jail.
News December 19, 2014
Where would you rather do time?
Coronavirus November 22, 2020
In Chicago and elsewhere, the number of people wearing an ankle monitor has jumped in recent months due to the pandemic.
News July 10, 2018
A movement to let the formerly incarcerated cut hair and drive taxis is gaining ground.
Life Inside April 8
Oakland activist Carl Chan reveals how fear of retaliation, mistrust of police, language barriers and technology gaps fuel underreporting of anti-Asian violence.
Feature December 17, 2019
He was one of the thousands of people assaulted in federal prisons each year. After his cellmate nearly killed him, he returned to his family a broken man.
News August 31, 2015
Defense lawyers call it a crisis; the state says it’s just doing its job.
Feature April 16, 2017
What happens when juries decide to tie one on.
Feature February 2, 2015
Notes from a Boston courtroom.
News May 24, 2016
The special problem of being a sex offender.
News June 17, 2019
The House bill does something unprecedented: It blocks immigrants from citizenship based on their juvenile records.
News March 2, 2015
Brutal beating resolved with a misdemeanor plea.
Analysis August 8, 2016
Blame the good guys.
Life Inside March 15, 2018
The Obamas are part of the Illuminati. Former inmates get lifetime benefits. “Franking.” And other myths that spread behind bars.
News November 20, 2018
Former inmates facing deportation place their hope in California's outgoing governor.
News May 23, 2019
The story of North Carolina’s longest-serving inmate highlights the situation of people with intellectual disabilities in the criminal justice system.
Life Inside June 27, 2019
“Panic ensued as everyone braced for the inevitable attack.”
News October 9, 2018
Connecticut’s WORTH program uses therapy, classes and mentoring to try to keep women from coming back.
News June 4, 2020
Now experts say the controversial diagnosis may become part of the police defense.